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14 February 2012


I heard him interviewed on NPR the other day and I totally developed an author crush. Can't wait to read this.


My author crush lives on, it was a wonderful book. I left a comment on his website about that Jodi Piccoult blurb, really that's all your publisher could come up with in efforts to sell more copies of the book? This has already been optioned by the Twilight producers for a film, so hopefully it's well cast and not too cheesy. I heart JG on this Valentines Day. Feel better CR!!

Did CRjr pick up the germs at storytime?

Ah yes, just ask Katharine (below) about our crushes on JG. Thanks for the NPR link--really interesting interview.

I have a crush on YOU for questioning the Jodi Picoult blurb on his website. I heart you.

HA! I said to my sister, we went out a lot last week, and THIS is what we got. Consider me trained: we're staying home for the rest of winter! :)

EVERYONE has this cold (including me, or at least I did last week when you posted this). It's nice to have my head back.

Glad to hear you're on the mend, Sarah. It wasn't a terrible cold but a very tenacious ones--it's still in my nose and ears to some extent. No wonder CRjr was miserable--this is a cold you have to know to swallow to clear your ears through. Ah, viruses.

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