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06 February 2012


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1912 - The Titanic (both fiction and NF)
1812 - The War of
1862 - Battle of Shiloh

WWII - the gift that just keeps on giving to readers (if I may put it that way)

Citizen activism/uprising/revolution, both now and in the past

Wow, what a fantastic spreadsheet! Thanks for sharing, I'm so excited to scroll through it and find even more books to read.

Thanks, Sarah-
Excellent points, all. I think there's already 3 books out about the Titanic, and several on Queen Elizabeth (for her 60th jubilee).
Ah, WWII. Everyone's favorite subject...but not mine.

Thanks for adding those!

Wow, I wish I felt that way about it. Mainly this list depresses me because I can find about two titles (out of 300+) that sound borderline interesting!
Hope you find something you like, though.

I should also note the spreadsheet only goes up through about August at this point. If I update it I'll re-post.

My grandma has a house in Waupaca. So does Norman Bates.

Hey Lesbrarian,

Yay Waupaca! Although, not yay for Norman Bates.

Lots of memoirs - probably too many for library budgets. Many will be forgotten pretty fast. The problem is knowing which ones to buy. I often seem to guess wrongly.

Also fiction about the Titanic - I've noticed that trend of both.

Somehow the War of 1812 doesn't seem to grab the popular imagination in quite the same way.

This sounds fun - I look forward to your posts much more than glancing at the list.

I am already tired of hearing my husband say "The boat sank, people" when the Titanic comes up on a commercial or in conversation... ugh.

I did a huge paper in HS on the War of 1812 so I just might be curious to read anything 'new'.

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