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09 February 2012


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Not only is Stephen Ambrose a big fat plagiarizer but he's been dead for almost 10 years. Is that a reprint or his PhD thesis or something? Sheesh ...

I had no idea Ambrose was dead! Thanks for cluing me in to that.

Turns out the "Ike's Spies" is a reprint of a book first published in 1999 (that record turns up with a co-author, Robert Baloh, but this reprint is showing up with only Ambrose's name).

Weirder and weirder. They couldn't find any new history titles for the fall? Do Ambrose's kids need money or something?

Yeah, some of those titles look downright deadly. But there's some decent stuff in there -- for me, anything presidential will do. Plus there's a biography of Juliette Gordon Low! (Girl Scout flashback: She went deaf when rice thrown at her wedding got lodged in her ear! At least that's the lore they were feeding us back then...) Might have to check that out just to see if she had any scandalous secrets.

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