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07 February 2012


That's why Walmart and Target LOVE those embarrassing spectacles of consumers stampeding into their stores for - whatever.

I am reading Annie Leonard's book The Story of Stuff. Reich's article sums up Leonard's book in one concise piece. Great reading. I also read Six Ways the Rich Do Get Richer highlighted throughout the article. It is also worth a read. Looks like I will be adding Christian Science Monitor to my reading list.

By the way I came close to reading Caitlin Kelly’s Malled ‘til I checked your blog at the last minute. I had a real chuckle over that one. BTW - cynical is one of your best qualities...and you're opinions are right on.

Ugh, stampeding stores. I always feel bad for the workers opening the doors.

I enjoyed "The Story of Stuff" but at some point I had to stop reading books like that--they were just preaching to the choir, after all. It's getting someone who believes that little plastic toys coated with lead paint from China are a good idea to read such books that is the challenge.

I'd still encourage you to check out "Malled." When I read your blog I find you often get good things out of books I didn't particularly enjoy--which might be the case with "Malled." In any case I'd be interested to hear what YOU think about it!

Like the blog, appreciate the share!

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