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14 March 2012


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We just read a great book for our mystery group, Think of a Number by John Verdon, everyone gave it a 9 or 10 (I make them rate it at the end of our talk) I would reccommend it for sure when you're ready for another suspense,thriller,mystery.

Thanks, Katharine, I always need good thriller recommendations because so many of them seem to me utter crap, or utter gleefully violent crap.

I was so disappointed here; I really like Eli Gottlieb. Here's hoping for better things out of his next novel.

Thanks for this review. I've generally been impressed with Gottlieb, at least 'Now You See Him.' I knew he had a new book out and was planning to buy it, but I figured I'd research it first. Glad I did if it's disappointing! I'll probably start reading "Deadly Destination" by Cat Denison instead - my sister keeps telling that I'll love it, so we'll see!

I'd still give it a try. It reads really quickly, and I'm certainly not an authority on thrillers.

I've never heard of Cat Denison--thanks for the tip!

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