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04 March 2012


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How generous of you to want to throw that $50 into a kitty and SHARE. Bummer they didn't let you. Of course, who is "they" and did they just pocket it somehow on the walk over to the Acctg Dept?

I've found Twenty on the street once with no one around. I figured the universe put it in my path. And when I lose a Twenty, I assume whoever finds it deserves it more than I.

Well, the 50 was in a book, and I worked in the library, so we just looked up who the book had been checked out to and called them to come pick it up. Which they did, with not a whole lot of gratitude, if I remember correctly.

Wasn't it an exciting day for you to find that 20? Now just imagine leaving that (or a 50!) in a book! Don't do it. :)

Cheetos. In a brand-new bestseller with lots and lots of holds. By a person who really should have known better ~ (and there were orange fingerprints on lots of the pages, too, from not wiping hands between nibbles)

ewwwwwwww vomit. Think I'll pass on that book. (sorry for the alimentary pun there ... teehee)

Cheetos are not good for humans or books! :) I always enjoyed the new summer hardcovers coming back with beach sand packed between the mylar cover and the dust jacket.

Yup, the vomit book. I felt kind of bad because I think it was an older patron who couldn't help it, but really, what did the caretaker or person who returned it think we were going to do other than charge? You vomit in it, you bought it, is the library world rule of thumb.

My two most exciting finds, salsa and a $1000 check. Not both at the same time :) The guy had lost his rent check from his mom and was very happy to hear from us.

I know a couple of people who won't read library books because of what some people leave behind. Cheetos, I can live with. Vomit? Ewwww.

I found someone's boarding pass stub in a library book once and I spent a lot of time (too much probably) wondering about who they were and if they had a good time on their trip. I used it as a bookmark myself for a while and then I lost it, which made me a little sad. There went my connection to Judy X, whoever she was.

Who uses money as a bookmark? And a $50, no less.

I'll just BET you made that guy's day. $1000 bucks, holy cow. Was the salsa any good? :)

I love your boarding pass story. On so many levels. It must be part of the librarian soul to do such things, because when I find previous library users' checkout slips in the books I check out, I always keep them as bookmarks. I look them over too. I like to see what other books people check out in conjunction with the book I've gotten after them.
And in the long-ago days when I traveled, I always kept and used my boarding passes as bookmarks until they fell apart. They always reminded me of the traveling and made me happy. In fact, the diaper bag I use for CR is my old college messenger bag that I carried through Great Britain--and it's still got my rail passes stuck in one of the front pockets. I'm emphatically not a hoarder otherwise but I can't let those tickets go.

So...good for you. I hope Judy X had a good time on her trip too.

I once got bacon. Fried, thank goodness.

BACON? I find that even more disturbing than the $50 bill. Who wastes a good piece of bacon as a bookmark? Mmmmmm bacon, meat candy.
Must have made for a nice greasy book though.

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