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01 March 2012


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Oh I KNOW. And when my friends and I would pick, I always got stuck with Mickey.

Actually, Sarah, I liked Mickey too. He was funny (as you can hear in the dog song). And of course I liked Peter and Mike too, but Davy and then Mickey were my faves. And they were the two actors--Peter and Mike had more musical backgrounds. That's me. Always going for flash over substance. :)

I liked Mike the best...the one who always wore the beanie. He seemed to be the smartest. Mickey would have been my second choice until he (a) stopped straitening his hair or (b) got a perm. Either way, I did not dig the fro.

Wandered over here from My Porch and had to watch this vid. I had completely forgotten this song, so thanks for reminding me. Huge fun! (My favourite was Mike...)

Ruthiella, Cath,
I'm SO glad to hear others preferred Mike. I thought he was probably smart but dull. But give me a break--I watched the Monkees in high school! I was not myself.

And, Cath, I had forgotten this song too! Along with "Listen to the Band," which was always one of my favorites too.

One of my happiest memories is when I was 6 years old, my 8 year old cousin, who I hero worshiped, came to visit. I had the newest Monkees record. For once, i was not the pesky younger cousin. We memorized the info about the boys and endlessly debated which one was the cutest. As a 52 year old, I still love popular music thanks to the joy I felt when watching the Monkees show and listening to their music.

Very sad about his death. Peter Tork was my favorite. Although I remember being very impressed when I first heard that Mike Nesmith had written Different Drum (which I still love), a song sung by Linda Ronstadt when she was in the Stone Poneys; and later when I read that his mother invented Liquid Paper. They were a group of interesting guys.

Everyone LOVES to be the cool kid in front of their older cousin/friend sometimes, don't they? I'm so glad you got the chance. I myself have very happy memories of watching the Monkees in the summertime, disappearing every weekday at 3:30 when my mother was probably looking for me to help in the garden or something. Talk about joy!

Hey, I knew Peter had to have his fans out there too.
I didn't know those stories about the guys (Liquid Paper, really? Did it make her rich?), thanks for the info!

Yes, she became VERY rich. More here if you are interested:


I read somewhere that Mike was making business deals on his own even during filming of the Monkees

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