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15 March 2012


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Oooh. And Stand by Me. Love you even more, Wil Wheaton/Gordie Lachance/Lt. Wesley Crusher.

Wil Wheaton continues to impress me with his off-beat humor and ability to spoof himself (I LOVE The Big Bang Theory, where he occasionally, á la Michael Patrick Harris in Harold and Kumar, plays himself). This is good, because when he played Wesley on STNG, I usually wanted his characther to beam down with a red-shirted, nameless crew member and be killed on the planet’s surface (No so much Mr. Wheaton's fault, but the fault of the producers and writers). I want to read both State of Wonder (I liked Bel Canto) and The Sisters Brothers.

HOW could I forget Stand By Me? Great movie.

I actually never watched ST:TNG, but he keeps popping up in pop culture references with increasing regularity. I got a real charge out of his review, I'll admit. He's my new crush!
Good luck with SOW--I did not like the pace of Bel Canto either, too slow, so perhaps that will not bother you. Let me know what you think of SOW and The SB, if you read them both!

I read Patchett's memoir Truth and Beauty and didn't really like it, so I never ventured into more of her stuff. But the Sisters Brothers! I love that book to death! I'm also starting to feel quite fond of Wil Wheaton.

OK, he nailed it. The Sisters Brothers is a fabulous book, and State of Wonder: not.

Well, because it was nonfiction (and I enjoyed Lucy Grealy's book "Autobiography of a Face," and her memoir was about her friendship with Grealy), Truth and Beauty is probably the only book of Ann Patchett's I didn't mind finishing. It's her very slowly paced fiction that leaves me "meh."

Yes, I think feeling fond of Wil Wheaton is a good way to go!

Amen. I've GOT to read The Sisters Brothers.

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