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10 April 2012


Feathery lapels? Yikes.

How do you feel about thrift stores CR? I mean for shorts replacement? I haven't actually shopped at one in ages, but in high school/college a large percentage of my clothes (except underwear) were second hand.

Wow. That produce story is just ... wow. I mean, I get my produce through a CSA, usually picked the day before I get it, and there's sometimes a bad berry or icky bit of lettuce in the bag. I would expect packaged stuff from the grocery store to be cleaner maybe, but perfection?
When my mom gets packaged food that doesn't live up to her expectations (usually because of a decline in quality from past purchases), she almost always calls the 800 number on the package to complain. I'm too lazy for that, but she's happy to do it, usually gets some coupons out of it, and doesn't have to give grief to a grocery store worker who had nothing to do with the product's quality anyway. (She worked in grocery stores for most of her career. She would complain to them only about stuff they handled--produce, meat, out-of-date stuff still on the shelves.)

Oh, I loves the thrift stores. We've got a number of great ones in my area; I just have to get there. I always preferred to shop the Eddie Bauer Outlet online, because I knew what size I was there and then I didn't have to, you know, shop, but even the Outlet's getting a little pricey these days.
p.s. I fixed "shorts" and deleted your other comment. I knew what you meant. :)

Yeah, "wow" was one word that came to mind regarding the author's stories. There were a few others but I'm trying to cut down on the profanity.
Good for your mom. It really does come down to a matter of energy and time--the lack of which corporations do exploit, I know.

By the examples you've given, seems this author's ethics are as sorry as the big corporations. Maybe worse.

He sounds like an ass.

Lee, Bybee:

Agreed on both points.

Thanks for warning us off this book. I agree completely that the author's ethics are lacking.

I am the author of the book. Since I agree with Oscar Wilde--the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about--I am not unhappy with the review.

But I do take issue with condemnations of my ethics. That is exactly what corporations love: They want consumers to use morality systems that will be the least troublesome to corporations. That way corporations dodge paying for defective products, deceptive advertising, shoddy customer support and lobbying against consumer interests. My way to beat corporations that abuse consumers is to treat corporations the way they treat consumers. I use their ethics to get compensation from them when products or services fail to work the way they should have.

Using the word "ethics" without defining the source or the details you have in mind sounds like it was taken from a stump speech. My ethics and their sources are clear: Corporations and the CEOs who cheat and deceive consumers. My stories are perhaps like parables with some laughs thrown in.

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