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02 April 2012


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CR, I've missed your posts. I'm following several other blogs, but all mostly deal with fiction. I really need a nonfiction book blog and your reviews are great. How else would I have ever discovered Helen Hanff? Take your time, but I look forward to reading you regularly again...soon.

Thanks, Donna,
I really kind of miss writing the posts. But I know you know how it goes when you just start running out of time for everything you want to do.

Oh, Helene Hanff. You've reminded me of someone else I want to reread. :)

I don't think you need to do anything but be yourself. And if I may be so bold, please no ads.

Actually leaving the post on the TOB for a week worked out really well for me! I would check in on you and then I would pop over to the TOB site to see what book was winning. I had never heard TOB and it really is fun to read and follow; much more interesting that the Booker Prize or the National Book Award because you get feedback as to why a certain book was chosen or was dropped. Really cool. And I just received my copy of The Sisters Brothers in the mail yesterday.

Anyhow, whatever you want to do is fine by me CR. I will stay tuned.

Goodness, I hope you don't think you have to go TOO big! I like your style, your freshness, your viewpoints, the clean look, the snark and the fierceness. Your blog is one of my top faves. How else would I have found Helene Hanff? or Diana Athill? Or Ruthiella?

True that! I found Care via this blog!

I like you just the way you are!

No worries--I don't really get enough traffic to sell ads right now, and my soul shrivels inside me at the thought of including them. But then, my soul also shrivels at the thought of our ever-expanding cost of living.

And thank you for saying I should be myself--most people try to talk me out of that. :)

I'm so glad the perma-post on the TOB link was helpful to you. I do like to be helpful.

And agreed, the links to Care's site (http://bkclubcare.wordpress.com/) and the other book blogs are probably the most valuable service I provide! Thanks for staying tuned.

Yeah, me going "too big" isn't really a worry. I just don't have the energy for "big"--as you can tell from my proposed goal of posting 3 times a week rather than 5.

I am so glad that I have helped anyone find Helene Hanff. Time to re-read all her books again too.

Bless you, and right back atcha.

I feel like this post just summed up my life over the past two weeks. Insane stress met with total laziness, and an underlying desire to read. Welcome back.

Hey, CR! You know I love the blog. Looking forward to the next menage!

Because of your deep love of everything amazon, I thought you might find this series from the Seattle Times interesting:


I especially liked the piece on why amazon doesn't do more for the community.

Hurray! More blog posts! :)

I love your snark and your nonfiction reviews.

hey who wants to talk about something else

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