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09 May 2012


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You can give up breastfeeding in America if you aren't white:

i'm just going to say this one thing. it's not about the book, or babies or breastfeeding. it's about paris. i am NOT a person who gives two damns about her appearance most of the time (if i'm clean and in moderately clean clothes, i'm good). but paris is not a place to cross off the "to-visit" list. it's huge and gorgeous and the only place i found myself in a jazz bar at 2am. ever. and they have the cafes set up to people watch. i mean, come on. it's a reason for me to criticize people and eat chocoately breads ALL DAY. mostly, the french could give a damn about me, so why should i give a damn about what i'm wearing ;) just don't cross it off the list, is what i'm saying.


Okay, that's an interesting article. I don't even know where to begin commenting.

Moderately clean clothes, you total appearance snob you. :)
No worries. I'm not really crossing any places off my travel lists. By the time I save up to go to Paris I'll definitely be too old and senile to care about my appearance anyway.

What Beth Said. Seriously.

I just checked out a new book, LE ROAD TRIP. In it, the author says that there is no way Americans can pass for Parisians, so don't even try, but equally true the French are insanely jealous of our American-ness.

Be polite, admit you don't know French, and ALWAYS say "Bonjour Madame/Monsieur" when you enter a shop or visit a kiosk, even if the nearest person is 50 yards away. They will KNOW that you didn't say it, and it won't be pretty.

Paris is a beautiful city, I echo what everyone else says. Don't believe what some book says, go have your own experience. I will never forget mine.

i wonder... what kind of a mother/womenhood book might be a success? I mean we had them all already. What do you think? I mean you read and see so many books about all different topics! What haven't' been covered yet? Which topic/slant hasn't been published recently?

testing? Hope all is well and life is FUN! and that you are reading some good stuff.

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