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07 May 2012


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Although my children are 23, 21 and 19, I think I'm going to have to read this book. On Wednesday I'm moving my oldest to grad school in Toronto. (Canada is another country. LOL) And while they all went away to college, this move is hard because I don't expect I'll see him too much over the next few years -- and because he finally realizes he has to be an adult too. (No more calling Mom and asking "how long do you bake chicken drumsticks?") The line about children "living within the jurisdiction of your consciousness" and "as difficult to leave your children as to stay with them" ring true no matter how old they get.

It's not a dull or long read. I'd recommend it--but I always enjoy the contrarian view. If you'd prefer, she also has a new one out about her divorce (sad news that, the divorce, not that she has another book coming out): "Aftermath: On Marriage and Separation." I'm on the waiting list for it.

I don't know, if your boy is calling and asking you how to bake drumsticks, that's pretty good. Most people don't even know what drumsticks are anymore, much less how to bake them! Good luck to him and to you. I hope you get to visit him a lot--Toronto is AWESOME. Have you been?

We're leaving tonight (Wed) to take him to his new apartment. Hopefully most of his belongings, which were on my living room floor when I left for the library, will be stowed in the minivan by the time I get home. I guess your post caught me in the sense that motherhood never gets easier, just different. CRjr is 19 months? To each age its own problems...and rewards.

I read part of this (and then had to take it back to the library) and loved it. Of course, since I wrote an entire manuscript about being pregnant and ambivalent about it, it was sort of up my alley.

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