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29 October 2012


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YES! I am IN.

AND, I was able to find both Raising Demons AND Private Demons! I will read the Just an Ordinary Day story collection, as well.

I've been trying to find a copy of Life Among the Savages since you mentioned it several weeks ago. I really want to order myself a copy, but I should ILL it instead and save a few dollars.

I am so glad you are IN! And also glad you could find the right books. I'm going to re-read The Lottery myself, I barely remember it, and also will hopefully get through Hill House, that's one I haven't read yet.

Well, if I might be so mercenary to ask, if you do order Life Among..., would you consider doing so by following my Powell's link in the post or in the right sidebar and ordering it from there (or from Amazon, if you can find it used and cheaper there)?
But of course, as a rampant ILL'er, I would totally support that choice as well. I almost bought a mum plant at the market this week, but couldn't get myself to pay the six bucks, which was really super cheap and would have supported local business. So I get the need to and support your efforts to save a few dollars.

I'm in! Very very in!
Wasn't Shirley Jackson a December baby?

Indeed she is, Bybee (Dec. 14), good on you for knowing that!

Ooh ooh, I am in! Sorry, I was away last week. A menage, yippee!

YAY! I'm excited too.

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