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11 October 2012


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I find the fact that you read all three of these books far more disturbing than your selling out to The Man (Amazon). :)

Oh well, sometimes I like to surprise you. :) And once you've read one you really just feel like you have to read the others, particularly since they read pretty fast.

Plus, I liked being able to say, like almost every other suburban woman on the planet, "Oh, sure, I've read them all." Even shy nonfiction readers like to fit in once in a while. :)

I do adore you, CR. :)

Oh Laura,
As I've said before, flattery will get you everywhere. Well, maybe not "Fifty Shades of Grey" everywhere, but...you get the point.

Luckily, I was not looking to get there, but flattery where flattery is due is always appropriate, I think.

I didn't realize that this was Twilight inspired on purpose. I totally saw that in the reading though. I'm stuck on the 3rd book though, because I am rooting for them both to be killed by Jack (or whatever the bad guy's name is) in between all the naughty bits. It really is a tiresome series. But, like every other woman in America (except for Ruthiella, who has her standards and is disappointed in me too) I am reading it.

That is SO funny that you say that about Twilight. I was out and about with CRjr one day, running I don't know what errand, and all of a sudden it struck me that FSOG was Twilight for the slightly older set--bad boy to be tamed, all other concerns fading away, etc. I thought, I have to write an essay about this. But then I got home and remembered, oh yeah, of course, the whole thing is Twilight fan fiction, and everyone in the world knows that. Sigh. That's how all my flashes of insight are recently--not very insightful.

Sorry to disappoint you--Jack does not win. You've got to stay with it, though, the ending is just absolutely going to make you vomit. I won't spoil it but it's hilarious, ultimate wish fulfillment in the "I changed my man" genre. Now why the whole "I changed my bad boy" fantasy is so prevalent, THAT should probably be the subject of an essay. What I've noticed about bad boys is that they're rarely as good-looking or rich as Christian Grey, they're mostly just assholes, and they almost never change.

I do hope Ruthiella isn't too disappointed in us, though. Call it our pop culture research, Ruthiella. :)

I am going to get off of my high horse just briefly enough to forgive the two of you for reading FSG. :)

Oh, Ruthiella, we like you up on that high horse. It's kinky, after all, and there's nothing us FSoG readers like more than a bit of kink.

Tee hee.

Well. How refreshing.

OK OK I read the first one but really couldn't spare the time to read the second. Have also read a few of "the next FSOG" types. Have had it with sex-filled boring books with people whose company I would flee from screaming.

Well, "refreshing" was one word for this series! (Although some people I've asked about it refer to it as "refreshingly bad," as in terrible writing, which also gives me a giggle.)

You haven't missed anything--read one and you definitely get the gist. I do get a kick out of all the publishers trying desperately to find the next FSOG.

I've read some of the egalleys - they are so CLINICAL it's gross.

Give me Carla Kelly at her best - infinitely more appealing.

First, I'm so glad you're back. I saw your tweet this AM and my first thought was oh dear, CR's twitter feed must have been hacked because she never tweets. So imagine my delight upon clicking your link and not seeing that damn "Bringing up Bebe" post!

1. I read 16 books over the Summer but none since September.

2. I am currently trying to read Canada, and while I find it well written and interesting, I also keep putting it down.

3. Shirley Jackson rules. If I had to sharpen my husbands pencils all the time I would die an early death as well. Actually I would probably end up stabbing him in the throat but that's just me. I'm unhinged that way.

4. I think I should write the next FSOG because I promise you that shit is going on in my head all the time and 9 out of 10 times it involves Josh Hartnett. OK, 10 out of 10 times...maybe once I went with Adam Scott, but that was just a brief diversion.

5. My favorite thing is that they are making FSOG into a movie. How is that even possible? How are they gonna make that tampon scene work?

So glad to see YOU back here! Hot damn, Twitter is good for something, who knew. Do you use it a lot? In about three sentences can you explain to me what you use it for or how you manage to read it? Whenever I use it I get hung up by all the hash tag codes and can't even tell who's talking. I'm slow like that.

1. Yeah, it's amazing how reading goes in hot streaks and slow patches when you're an adult. I so look forward to retirement, when hopefully I can just read ALL THE DAMN TIME.

2. Stick with Canada. I stopped at one point, then just skimmed for a while, then got sucked back in, and it was kind of satisfying.

3. LOVE Shirley. I would have killed her husband a million times over myself. Will you be joining us for our Menage in early Dec.?

4. HA re FSOG. You have to write one, although maybe not with Josh, that might get into libel issues? But erotica certainly worked out for EL James and Sylvia Day--write some down and by this time next year you could be a mega-gazillionaire!

Ridiculous ravashing implausible fantasies make the best and most forgetable reads.

Hey CR
I had not looked at your page for ages and was telling someone about your fantastic blog and told them to check your website and bam! there are you again! Hooray! I was very busy with conference stuff so that is my excuse for not catching your fall entries.
I would NEVER have pegged you for reading all three of the FSOG! I could only handle about half of the first one. The writing was too much for me, I couldn't handle one more reference to her "inner goddess." Glad to see you back, hope all is well with you and lil CR !!!

Hope you had a good autumn of conferencing!
Yeah, the writing in FSOG--not good. But the books functioned for me like an open bag of candy--once they were around, it was hard to leave them alone until they were read. (Around unopened candy bags I am okay--but once they're open I basically just am not happy until I empty them. Pathetic.) I'm pretty sure I just trained my eyes to pass over all the "inner goddess" stuff so I could just enjoy the racy bits and also all the ridiculous bits, like Ana becoming head of the publishing firm, etc.
Hope you're good too. Coffee soon?

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