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23 October 2012


Bill Moyers is my kind of guy. I see we somehow missed buying the book Plutocrats, so I am ordering it. Thanks, CR.

Your perception of Ms. Freeland is not unique, from what I read. But then, I'm assuming she's still writing for FT?

Ditto on Bill Moyers. So glad he's back on PBS.
Also glad to be of help where "Plutocrats" is concerned. I'm not very good at reading current NF--I tend to lean toward the backlist--but I'm going to try to do more announcing of big NF titles here in the future, if that sort of thing is helpful.

Good to know. After I get the book I'll have to look her up--I'm assuming she's still working as a journalist somewhere. For some reason it surprised me that she's Canadian--she seemed very "u-rah-rah free market," and that always strikes me as a very American trait.

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