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26 October 2012


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Jacques Barzun: has died, at age 104.:


Never heard of him. Which is why you are good for me and my cultural awareness.

For more on Jacques Barzun's "personal side" (but no gossip), read Michael Murray, Jacques Barzun: Portrait of a Mind.

Thanks for the tip! I get the feeling there wasn't a whole lot of gossip available on him anywhere--remarkably, he seems to have managed to keep much of his private side private. But I'd certainly be interested in learning more about him and his work.

If you have not read Carolyn Heilbrun's When Men Were the Only Models We Had, do yourself a big favor and get hold of a copy. She talks about Barzun as a professor and later a colleague. (My father also studied at Columbia when he was teaching there, so it was for me for that reason, too.)

I've not read (or heard of) the Heilbrun--sounds fascinating, thank you.
OOooh, did your father take a class with Barzun? Would've loved to hear him talk or teach, myself.

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