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03 October 2012


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was this book in the news recently (like within the last six months)? I remember reading another favorable review of it. As a kid I read Erma Bombeck's columns and books. I wonder if they would have the same appeal today? Great first recommendation of the school year!

Yes, I know I heard about it somewhere too, definitely within the last six months, but I can't remember where...

I used to LOVE Erma Bombeck. I read all of hers when I was about ten (I know I was pre-teen, at least), so how much of her books I was understanding I don't know, but for some reason I did find her funny. Maybe I'll look her up again--I know I always enjoy a good Jean Kerr re-read too.

Sounds hilarious. No husband and nonchalantly going off to have her fourth kid! I need some humor...this will go on the list. Welcome back.

Simon at http://www.stuck-in-a-book.blogspot.com/ enthusiastically blogged about Life Among the Savages a while back, so maybe that is where Venta and CR heard about it previously. I have only read We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Jackson, which is fantastic. I have The Haunting of Hill House on my list and my shelves...some day. I was kind of aiming towards a Halloween read but oops, it is already October.

I have a friend whose mother *walked* to the hospital while in labor--like hey, no big deal. I myself rode kneeling on the front seat and hanging on for dear life while trying to breathe.

I just went and checked out Simon's review. Enjoyed it a lot--but it didn't seem familiar. (And we always joke around this house--I can't remember phone numbers, math, appointments, or birthdays, but I ALWAYS remember nonfiction titles and the names of BBC movie/film stars--my two main interests in life--so I think looking at David's review would have rung a bell if I'd seen it before.) I wonder where I DID hear about this book.

But thanks for passing the link. I've got to add that blog to my sidebar. And OMG, how could I forget about the very creepy "We Have Always Lived in the Castle"? Another Jackson horror classic. I've never read THOHH myself, so maybe, as you suggest, this Halloween...

Let's face it, no matter how they get the job done, all mothers (and women in general) are real troupers. I calmly rode to the hospital for a planned c-section...but then spent the next several months getting my ass kicked by sleep deprivation.

Oh, the sleep deprivation. I am still there, eight months in, but I figure one day he'll be old enough to get his own midnight snacks. Or he'll move out.

Everyone's experience is different, but I found getting past the year mark meant better everything: better sleep, better schedule, etc. You can do it--and kudos to you for getting him to eight months! It's an achievement, taking care of these tiny little people.

Ha on moving out. Every time I tell CRjr "no" on something, I usually add, "or at least not until you're 18" (and move out is the unspoken part of that. My boy's going to have a lot of living to do when he gets out from under my thumb, but hopefully he'll enjoy it!

The cigarette while in labor on the way to the hospital makes me think of Mad Men. Remember Ralph Ellison's recollection of when Barry was born in Private Demons? Something about just depositing Shirley in the hospital with a box of maple cream chocolates and a quart of whiskey and crowding into the room with her. Ellison said that "We sat up drinking and eating all night. The next morning Barry was in this world." I'm positive that Shirley ate the chocolate, and I bet she had a wee drop as well!

Their friendship with Ralph Ellison in general (and with other writers and intellectuals) was fascinating stuff.

I'll bet old Shirl had more than a wee drop of that whiskey! (And good on her, I say. Probably just as good as the labor induction drugs and narcotics they feed to laboring women these days.)

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