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12 October 2012


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Hey, CR! I also spent the summer reading true crime, but I read (or many times reread) the "classics" in true crime (e.g., In Cold Blood; The Executioner's Song; Helter Skelter). I started my reading journey with The Last Victim: A True-Life Journey into the Mind of the Serial Killer. This was one scary book. I'm worried about reading anything about John Wayne Gacy...

Also, loved your article. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I realized that we need an RA book on true crime when I was at the library checking out "The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers" when the librarian turned to the library assistant, held up the book, and said, "We should let so & so know about this book."

I hadn't heard about that Paul Collins book. His book on the Shakespeare first folios was terrific, and I've been wanting to read more of his books, so I'll be looking for that one for sure.

Oh, the True Crime classics. I was BLOWN AWAY when I finally read Helter Skelter. What a book--Vincent Bugliosi is a super-talent. Have you ever read his recent-ish book about how George W. Bush should be prosecuted for murder? LOVE Bugliosi.

See, librarians ALWAYS know "a so-and-so who needs" certain books. We totally need an RA guide for True Crime--and I think a certain someone who spent the last summer reading it should consider writing it. Hint hint!

I love Paul Collins too. I think he's written one about his kid having autism, which I haven't yet read, and also a great book about Thomas Paine and what happened to his body after he died. Forget the title but will go look it up--ah yes, "The Trouble with Tom." And DO give this one a try. Pretty interesting stuff.

Hint received, CR! I'll get in touch!

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