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18 October 2012


I dated a writer once who told me that she had learned more about men from "Larry's Party" than from any other book she had read.

Oh, Robert, that's priceless. Thanks for sharing that. That's a reason I like Anne Tyler too--she writes really good men characters as well ("The Accidental Tourist" and "Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant" being the best of her books, I think).

I so need to read more Carol Shields! I have a lot of NF on my shelves I want to read and it keeps getting crowded out.

Have you read Carol Shields's "Republic of Love"? Highly recommend it. It's my go-to romantic novel to re-read set in Winnipeg, Canada. Shields writes lovely prose about love, life and winter (-30 Celcius temp - brrr, it's gets so bloody cold up here). Thanks for the Jancee Dunn recommendation. Cheers from Edmonton (where it's a balmy -5 this a.m.).

Me too! I'm working through her stuff very slowly, saving her books as little treats every now and then.

I have not yet read "Republic of Love," maybe that's next. I've read The Box Garden (I think that was Shields, anyway), The Stone Diaries, Unless, and now this one. I can't wait to read the rest but I am pacing myself.
Whenever I hear "Winnipeg" I think about that short-lived show "An American in Canada," and how they were always picking on men from Winnipeg (are they actually called "Peggers"?) for being smooth girlfriend-stealers.
Have you read some Jancee? Let me know what you think. And as always, thanks for the Canadian cheers, you know that makes my day. Stay warm!

Hey CR - my husband wanted to make sure I warn you - whatever you do, please do NOT watch the film adaptation of Republic of Love. So, so awful. TGIF!

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