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08 October 2012


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Love Carey Mulligan! She did her time in costume dramas and now is doing more edgy stuff. And the haircut is adorable. SHE is adorable. I'm her mother's age so I can say that.

I love Carey Mulligan too, Sarah, although my love is now tinged with envy that she's married to Marcus Mumford. (Don't tell Mr. CR.) I think they're both adorable--I may not be quite old enough to be one of their parents, but I'm old enough to say it anyway.
I got a real charge out of Carey in her role as an Austen sexpot in the latest version of Northanger Abbey. Have you seen that one? Pretty funny stuff, and a great cast all around.

Yep, as well as Bleak House and Pride & Prejudice (2005 movie). She's also in the new Great Gatsby.

I was listening to that Mumford and Sons song on my way to visit the Abbey of the Genesee in utptase New York, where Henri Nouwen stayed for 6 months. Thanks for that reflection and reminding me of that beautiful day. Reading Nouwen and listening to Mumford always help me in the strenuous work of loving God, others and myself. Peace to you, friend.

Mumford and Sons! It's true: addictive properties.

Dearest Unruly,
I'm listening to "Babel" right now. Addictive is right. Still find it disgusting all these guys are so young and cute and talented, but hey, I'm still just grateful for the good music.

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