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02 October 2012


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Thanks for being honest! We're definitely kindred spirits. I also hate the complications of technology and feel that 90% of it sucks our cultural souls. Still, as a librarian, I can't do my job without it.

If you decide to stay, I'll continue to be a faithful. I love your writing and your blog.

Yes, I feel very close to anyone else who knows they have to use technology (I definitely have to use it in my "work from home" situation) but still doesn't love it, love it. I wish you the very best of luck in dealing with all the tech I know you have to at your job.

And thanks for the nice words, too.

You said it very well, about not wanting to always be talking about what you are reading, that sometimes you just want to think about it and not talk about it. My blog has been moribund lately, too, by the way. Same reason. Glad you are okay.

I know you know what I'm talking about. Nice to hear from you too. Coffee sometime? I'll be emailing...

I do too! Reading can be very personal.

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