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02 November 2012


I hurts so much to watch the slow recovery to the devastation; especially the frustrations and the expressions of frustration of not being helped fast enoug. Oh, and the whole 'should we Marathon or not?' stuff. So sad.

I know it's different when I'm the one without power, but frankly, I can't believe how quickly NY is managing to get going again. Must be a mess to fix all that electric, cables, flooding etc.--I certainly wouldn't know how to do it. It's actually a scary reminder how entwined we all are with electricity--not only heat and light, of course, but cell phones, electric door locks, etc.
For a good personal perspective this week, read author Stacy Horn's blog: http://www.echonyc.com/~horn/stacy/ She's not able to post much as she must still be without power, but she's a lifelong New Yorker and always offers a fair perspective.

Do you think Matt Taibbi would be interested in having a librarian harem?

I don't know about Matt Taibbi but I am INTO it. :) I've always said what all women (even married women, perhaps particularly married women) really need is a good wife.

Or, if we were really thinking, what we would do is set up a harem for ourselves, starting with Taibbi and The Oatmeal.

I've started to troll the online site so that I can find his latest . . . . this did not disappoint. You are totally right about the "money quote", as it were.

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