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14 November 2012


Patrick Bateman would be thrilled to know a new book about a serial killer is available. (I actually read American Psycho this year. Still trying to forget but I likely never will.)

I'm still trying to forget watching American Psycho (and Christian Bale, as Patrick Bateman). Yikes. I won't be reading that book any time soon!

I actually read "A Father's Story" by Lionel Dahmer when it first came out. It was really good.

Oh, Marija, I agree. And there's a note in this book by Backderf about how he wanted the royalties from that to go to the victims' families, or something, but then it got all tied up in lawsuits? I meant to look more about that up but didn't get the time yet.
It was a sobering read, I remember that.

Oh, creepy. I've been in the same room as Walter Mondale, which puts me, what, 2 degrees of separation from that icky killer creature? Oooooooo... [nose wrinkle; look of horror]

I told you: it boggles the mind. Icky indeed.

Just finished. It was great.

Last year I read Columbine (have you read it?) and now I've read the Dahmer book. Two doesn't count as a trend, yet, but it's fascinating to me that the adolescent lives of these three kids, while not idyllic, are still not... how shall I say this? Their childhoods sucked, but a lot of childhoods suck. Dahmer's parents did not intentionally abuse him, whereas, for instance, there are a lot of teenaged girls who are sex slaves -- and they don't going on killing sprees.

I don't know if there's a takeaway message here. I'll say this much: Backderf did a fine job of humanizing Dahmer. He wasn't an upstanding example of a human, but (at least as a teenager) he came across as human, not monster. I felt like I knew him.

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