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29 November 2012


Ah, give yourself a break CR! You do a fabulous job and I am in awe of anyone who blogs well. I would flail. It takes me DAYS sometimes to write a 3 line review for my goodreads page where basically all I say is "I liked it".

I think the Conroy book sounds interesting. I really love books about books and I recently ordered The End of your Life Book Club. The only draw back is sometimes such books give just a little too much of the plot away for my taste. I have The Prince of Tides on my list, but I think it might be one of those books you need to read at the right time, right place.

Oh, Ruthiella, I give myself plenty of breaks, and many of them also involve chocolate. I do flail a lot, but thanks for sticking with me.

Yeah, you know, I enjoyed the Conroy in a weird sort of way. I think his heart's in the right place, anyway. I might still try one of his novels--or else watch one of the movie versions or something.

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