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16 November 2012


My favorite was the Tampa woman who is a make believe "social liaison" who wondered if she could get some of diplomatic immunity when the reporters started camping out in front of her house. I can't even imagine the reality these people live in.

I couldn't even BEGIN to pick favorites in this story, although the shirtless FBI agent comes close. I don't think you want to imagine the reality these people live in. Clearly I need me a job (high up, of course) in the military, so I would have time to email up to 20,000 to 30,000 pages of emails. I email a lot anyway and I don't get anywhere close to that! Don't they have anything else to be doing? And frankly, when does the head of the CIA have time to have an affair? That's what blows my mind.

I haven't read Boo's new book, but I have liked her writing in The New Yorker for ages, particularly "The Marriage Cure," which detailed people's experiences with a government program that was supposed to encourage mothers to get married or stay married.

I've never read anything by Boo, but I'll have to look that article up! Thanks. Sometimes it's easier to try someone out with their shorter pieces.

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