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30 November 2012


Thank you, thank you -- now I can stop feeling vaguely guilty to not reading The Help and not WANTING to read The Help or see the movie, for many of the reasons that hooks so eloquently lays out (though from a guilty white liberal perspective, I guess). I just can't stand the patronizing pat-myself-on-the-back quality of those books -- and I've had to keep a straight face for years now at the circ desk while library patrons (most of them white women of a certain age) rhapsodize about how wonderful the book is. Ugh. At least now I can start suggesting they read some bell hooks ...


CR: I'm stealing this for my NoveList column. It may be that my readers are sick of hearing me talk about race and sex in a forum that's supposed to be about readers' advisory, but that's just too bad.

That's assuming I have any readers. I don't actually know that. Nor do I actually care. It pays, is the thing.

I hate The Help so much. Thank you!

Nan, Lesbrarian, Bybee:

Oh, it was SO my pleasure. I love a good elegant smackdown in any case but it was very satisfying to read a good one of one of the most annoying novels of all time (to my mind).

Nan, all I've ever read by bell hooks was "Bone Black: Memories of Girlhood," but it was well worth it. Really hard to read in parts but very good.

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