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07 November 2012


This is your best review ever!

Oh, Melanie, you're very kind, but it's not so much a "review" as a "rant." Lately when I read other, real book reviews, online and in other publications, I cringe and remember all over again that I can't call what I do here actual "reviewing."

Still, glad to be of service. :)

Love your review! I haven't read the book either, because I feared it would be exactly as you described. Life's too short, you know? By the way, I *love* that Mr. CR wants you to GET THAT BOOK OUT OF THE HOUSE PLEASE!

Jesus could have had the chicks if he'd wanted them. I refer you to Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal.

Of course life is too short. And I go into these books sometimes expecting to dislike them, which is really not fair to the book, or what people might be able to take away from it, you know? But them's the breaks.
Oh, Mr. CR. He's just getting back at me for when I go all snobby about all of his genre fiction littering up our bookshelves. :)

Sadly, I cannot read Christopher Moore, as I have never once understood his humor.
Yeah, Jesus. How interesting now that I think about it how many ladies he DID have around--and how they seemed to have a good working relationship with him and he with them. And he didn't need any "binders of women" to find them either, evidently.

Loved this (the review; didn't read the book)! Would a person/part of God who says "we is" say "we're" instead of "we's" two seconds later? That, to me, not the bizarre-o "reveal," is the deal-breaker.

Thanks for making me feel great about never reading this. What about 'I am Charlotte Simmons' and 'The Story of Edgar Sawtelle?' Can you vindicate me there, too?

Haven't read The Shack and don't plan to. Mencken got it right when he said, “No one in this world, so far as I know — and I have searched the records for years, and employed agents to help me — has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people. Nor has anyone ever lost public office thereby.”

The writer meant well, but isn't talented. For Christian literature Greene, Waugh and Mauriac are far better.

Oh Robin, sweetie,
I just laughed and laughed when I read your correction. Yes, Young's editor should have changed "we're" to "we's" to at least make it consistent dialect. Ha!

I've been thinking of maybe adding a new section where I read books that other people don't want to read for them. Should we call it "Taking a Bullet"? Can't help you on "I am Charlotte Simmons" but I can help you with "Edgar Sawtelle":

A very timely quote--thank you.
And your way of reviewing this author was very accurate, and much more succinct than mine. I salute you.

Read The Shack. Hated The Shack. End of story.

I'd be a loyal follower of "Taking a Bullet."

Does that mean that you'd recommend "I am Charlotte Simmons" or that you've never read it?

Love, love, love having you back in the blog world.

Debbie Q,
Another great, succinct review. Thank you.

We'll see what we can do on "Taking the Bullet." Any suggestions? (Other than Charlotte Simmons. I've not read it--Tom Wolfe books are too LONG for me!)

CR, you took a real hit for us book bloggers and assorted bookworms. Although I can hardly imagine the cost, I'm forever grateful. What wll you read now to purge and cleanse your system of The Shack??

One thing: it's "I could NOT care less" not "I could care less". If you COULD care less, you still care. Just a thought...

Well, it was more fun, and interesting (especially to hear other people's take on the book) than it was a hit. I've already read a million other great things since reading it, so no harm done. :)

Good call. I've always struggled with that saying. Although, maybe it's a Freudian slip. Maybe I do still care a little bit what everyone else is reading and discussing, and I would prefer to care less? That's the type of word puzzle my brain is not up to this morning, but thank you for pointing it out all the same.

Oh man. My grandmother had to read The Shack just to get people at her retirement place to stop telling her to read it. I dearly wish she were still alive, because she would LOVE your rant.

Oh gosh, your poor grandmother. Hope she was able to read it fast and tell others what she REALLY thought of it. My condolences to you on her passing.

ha ha -- "humanly striking". that's the most tortured phrase I've read in a while.

Well, Mack was trying to dance around the subject of Jesus's big nose with that description. Poor guy, to learn that Jesus wasn't a humanly striking dreamboat.

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