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13 December 2012


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The Bloggess had a hilarious picture: http://thebloggess.com/2012/12/elves-are-assholes/

Ha! I like that. I really do enjoy the Bloggess, although sometimes I get the biggest kick out of Victor.

OK, why am I not surprised at who collects them?

Well, Sarah,
I used to collect little ceramic kitty cats (don't anymore), so I guess we all have our things. I don't really mind the dolls, except when they're looking at me with their beady empty little doll eyes.

My kids heard a schoolyard story about a doll that comes to life and kills sleeping children. After creeping out of the closet silently, natch. They are far too old to believe it any longer but they still refuse to have dolls in their rooms or even in the spare room on the same floor. The Elf would have freaked them the %$^@ out.

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