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17 December 2012


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I also take far more books out of the library than I read, and like you, I've decided that the whole process is part of my exercise regime and a way to boost circulation numbers. And at least walking there puts a limit on how many I can take out.

I did take out an Octavia Butler book (Parable of the Sower) at least three times before I read it. Now I have the sequel checked out and due with no more renewals this week. Looks like it'll take multiple check-outs for me to get around to that one, too. Sigh.

Yeah, Teresa,
Happens to me all the time. I think I got one book back three or four times before I got too embarrassed to request it anymore. Someday we'll have more time for reading, right? :)

I just took back unread Chasing Doctor Doolittle: Learning the Language of Animals which I am sure I would enjoy. I just can't get to everything I want to read.

So nice to know I am not alone. We are racking up the numbers for Sequoya! So many times a book needs a sustained reading/attention time that I don't have. I put it down and can't get back into it without starting over. I feel kind of bad taking these things back when it's a fast unread turnaround and I'm just looking for something that will catch me. But I also feel that is the advantage of getting older. I can feel like my time is precious and it's OK to schlep books back and forth with only a little reading getting done. If I bring home six books and one is a winner, that's enough.

Great title--I'd not heard of that one. Like so many books I return to the library: you'll just have to get it back someday.

Oh, that is so the nature of the beast. A lot of times when books come in I'm just not in the right "mood." (Particularly with a lot of the depressing nonfiction that's been showing up for me lately.) And yes, "playing the odds" is an important part of finding good books--for every great read there's inevitably a few stinkers. Thank God for libraries, is all I can say.

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