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18 December 2012


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I love that book and I love Mark Bittman. He doesn't make you feel inadequate for not having rare spices or ingredients. He just tells you what to sub or to skip.

It's flu season here in my lungs, so lucidity is not on the agenda today. If I were feeling more coherent I would recall which recipes from that book are favorites. Maybe tomorrow!

Oh lesbrarian,

On top of everything else, you needed the flu? Lousy. I hope it passes soon and you feel better.

LOVE Bittman. Not only his recipes but I have a crush on him and his little tiny kitchen:

I loved his tiny kitchen and his "vegan before 6pm" philosophy. I have the original, yellow jacket edition of this cookbook and the app for iPod Touch (got it for free from Starbucks long before I had the Touch). I much prefer this book to (ugh) Cook's illustrated.

I don't know his "vegan" theory--I'll have to look it up!
Yeah, it's a great book. I like Cook's Illustrated too, but I much prefer watching the American Test Kitchen. Bittman's recipes seem a bit easier than theirs, which I appreciate.

I love this cookbook too. I have the original yellow one and I loved it so much that I bought the vegetarian one as well. There's almost no overlap between the two, BTW.

The thing that I love is that he really seems to understand what a typical home cook is going to be able and willing to do. And he offers enough helpful advice on variations and tweaks that I'm confident in making adjustments as needed. Also there are no photographs to make me feel inferior when my recipes don't look beautiful. A recipe can be as delicious as all get out, but if there's a full-color photo of perfectly posed and lit version of it for me to compare mine to, I'll feel I'm doing it wrong.

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