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15 January 2013


Nora Ephron's passing felt like a sucker punch to the gut. I'm sad that I discovered David Rakoff after he was gone.

Yes, Bybee, my sister felt that way about Ephron too. I liked (but didn't love) her, but it was still a shock. And a loss of a very great talent. I want to re-read "Heartburn" one of these days--I think it's probably been more than a decade since I read it the first time!

And I'm just so glad you found Rakoff as well. Man, that guy. A true pessimist after my own heart--and one that admitted that no, pessimism doesn't really make you any more prepared for heartbreak or disappointment. I forget where he said that (or something like it) but I'll have to track it down.

I would participate in a menage featuring Fussell's work.

Thanks, Care,

I'm going to look at his list of titles and see which ones would work for the Year of Fussell and a related menage!

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