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07 January 2013


One of your best posts every, CR. You make some excellent points about putting the "non" in "nonfiction."

Thanks, Robert. I don't know that they were excellent points but at least it didn't take a whole painful book to make them.

Wow! What you had to say about this one is astounding. When I first became a librarian, I was so very careful about making sure answers were factual, citing where I'd gotten them every time. Now, people don't seem to care if what I give them is factual. As long as it's recorded somewhere and "good enough," they accept it happily. It's not good enough for me, however, and I'm sorry the standard for fact checking has slipped so low.

By the way, I love how you used "nutshell" as a verb!


Well, I get the need for facts to be "close enough" (although I love it when librarians, or anyone really, goes the extra mile and gets me a source I can trust). And I recognize that truth is more than just a collection of facts. But something about these guys' approaches (both of them, really) just BUGGED me. It may be sexist of me, but it almost seemed like the conversation needed a woman--someone with good sense who would say, "look, can we wrap this up before seven years pass? There are other things in life to be getting on with."

Teehee. Douchebag is our favorite new pejorative around here, but I keep wondering if it's a nasty sexist word. Still, it's funny and seems so right....

Well, you're probably right about the sexist (and general) nastiness of the word. But sometimes it's really the only word for the job, isn't it?

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