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24 January 2013


You're right, that is a great cover. It's a lot better than another cover I can think of in that series.

I love how, in the first substantive line of this review, you home in on the appendix.

Congratulations to you and to Melissa.

Congratulations to both of you!! Very exciting. My sister, a huge foodie and reader, will love this for her birthday!

Well, I liked your cover too, but I am a sucker for red.
Everyone? You do know the Lesbrarian wrote a fantastic book on women's nonfiction? Check it out:

Thanks for the congrats!

Thanks so much. It is a really lovely book--I'm sure it would give your sister many happy hours of tracking down great food nonfiction, fiction, blogs, movies, etc. Although, as noted, don't give her the book if she doesn't want to get hungry every time she reads it. :)

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