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22 February 2013


I agree with Mr. CR about the cover.

I'll tell him!
I didn't know if I liked the cover, but I thought it was effective. Just looking at that shade of blue made me nauseous; I thought it really evoked pools and swimming. Maybe it doesn't work on people who like swimming and pools?

You made it to the 2012 books?!? I'm still in 2010. And that doesn't count the arcs I brought home from way too many ALA conferences!

I love to swim...but don't do it enough...well, not at all right now. When you find a book that will kick my a** back to the gym by reading it, let me know. Maybe this book would do the trick? One thing that really bothers me at my age about swimming is the fact that the impressions from the goggles don't go away for HOURS. Something about the elasticity of skin and aging. But I guess healthy with racoon eyes for a few hours is preferable to fat...

Well, just a few of the 2012 books. And I'm sure I missed a ton of the 2010 ones (not to mention the 2011s)!

Good on you for loving to swim--it really is a great form of exercise, I know. I don't know how this book would work on you, as a swimmer (Mr. CR is a swimmer too but didn't read enough of it to tell me if it worked for him as a pleasant reminder of pools) but her descriptions of the water and how she just kept going back to it might just "get you in the mood" to go back.
And so sorry about the goggle lines. As with the rest of our physical shortcomings, I'm sure other people don't notice as much as you think they do (other people are all aging too, after all--and have their own worries to preoccupy them!).

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