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21 February 2013


In re Captcha -- which I confess I do hate -- I read a chirpy little article yesterday in the proverbial "somewhere on the 'Net."

Anyways, the article promised us that Captcha would soon be a thing of the past, because programmers were working on a new system to replace it.

In order to post a comment, you see, all you would have to do is watch a little advertisement, or type in a "well-known commercial slogan."

Sort of put things in pespective. If I have to choose between puzzling out a nonsense word, or forcing myself to type "Things go better with Coke!" ...

... well, all of a sudden Captcha is looking pretty good, that's all.

Oh gosh, I bet that was a chirpy little article. That's one of the reasons I can't read Mr. CR's Wired magazine--lots of good stuff there, but it often seems unfailingly chirpy about the future and technology--including things, I'm sure, like "just watching a little ad" to comment. That sounds horrible.

Captcha it is--thanks for understanding.

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