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20 February 2013


My favorite part is the Lindsey Graham version of bipartisanship.

I had so many favorite parts, but that's high on the list. That and "we can be proud of America for killing fewer kids than measles."

As always, Taibbi is an amazing read.

One of my favorite bloggers called this type of moral reasoning "the Anti Kitten Burning Coalition."

As in, "Sure we're doing bad things, but at least we're not BURNING KITTENS ALIVE! So we're not that bad -- or do you support burning kittens?"

(of course, then you have to convince yourself that your enemies ARE burning kittens, even if you have to make the evidence up.)

Ha, "anti kitten burning coalition." That'd be hilarious if the whole concept wasn't exactly what goes on every day. Around here we call it the Republican Principle--"say it and it will become true"--you know, things like "there ARE WMD in Iraq," etc. etc.

First time I heard about drones and assassinating terrorist suspects, I was appalled. No innocence until proven guilty required. Hearsay evidence admissible. Accuracy in targeting optional. Also, I feared that if we use drones, then every one will soon be using drones because every secret we have is eventually leaked. Soon has proved to be very soon, and there does not even have to be a leak, as commercial drones are becoming available. If drones the size of insects can truly be deployed, we can never trust that we are safe.

I'm still appalled. Relieved to find someone else who is, too--seems like everyone's response these days to drones is "no big deal--and it least it saves our soldiers, right?"
That kind of thinking won't save anyone when, as you note, commercially available and nastier (and littler) versions become available. Should be interesting to follow public opinion then, although maybe people still won't be bothered?

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