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11 March 2013


I am so glad I'm not the only person to find Matthew and Mary dull. I enjoy the show well enough, but I can't bring myself to care much about the romance that's supposed to be the core of the story. Actually, there's a lot about the show that bores or annoys me, but I enjoy bits and pieces of it enough to watch it anyway (although I haven't gotten around to the third season).

Ditto on Matthew and Mary - she was a total bitch. I didn't see why he found her so fascinating.

There was also a Downton Abbey/Breaking Bad mashup:


Well, it might be just me, but you are emphatically not alone. And I found them even weirder after they were married (all the "darlings" notwithstanding). If you watch the third season you'll have to pop back in and tell me what you think. But I agree, I liked it for other bits and pieces. I got a real charge out of Thomas and Miss O'Brien when they were evil together.

Thanks for the link!
"Total bitch," tee hee. I love it when you don't mince words!

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