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22 March 2013


I had no idea it sank in 1975. I only know the song TITLE and who sung it, I don't even know the music and I assumed it was something that happened 100 years ago. I have never seen the Great Lakes. I have a hard time imaging how a storm could affect a lake like that. I know they are big, but I think I would have to actually see them to understand.

187 pages? Only slightly longer than the song! Just joking, I'm interested in reading this book.

Ah, all you young'uns! I was just starting my library career in Cleveland, along Lake Erie when the ship went down. It was a huge event here. And if you've never seen the great lakes, think of the ocean. Of course, they're not that big, but you can't see the other side, so you get the same feeling. One of the reasons they're so dangerous is that some of them--especially Erie--are not incredibly deep in places, so you can get an effect almost like when you slide back quickly in a bathtub and the water sloshes over the side. Not good for boats which can hit bottom when that happens. It was awful, though. Shocking, really, when it happened.


Frankly, I thought the SONG was older than 1975.
I've not seen Lake Superior, but the book says it holds more water than the the other four great lakes combined. Lotsa good info like that here; very readable history. I think there's also danger from the lakes because they're very deep in some parts but shallow around islands--so you have to be careful not to bottom out. Also, sounds like the waves can be even worse because they keep ricocheting around off the opposite shores, whereas in the ocean they have more room to spread and even out. And did you click that link on the Nov. 75 thing? It goes to the Wikipedia page and there's a picture of the ship--I can't believe anything that huge can sail on the lake, so it must be a huge lake.

Ha! I listened to the whole song, and it was interesting, but wow, long, and not a lot of variation in melody. :) I'd really suggest this book, especially as an intro to the subject. Now I'd like to get a book on Great Lakes shipwrecks in general.

You will always be a young'un to me!
So interesting to hear your perspective as a resident near a great lake. I can well imagine it was shocking when it happened--I'm a little in shock every time I look at that big ship and think of how fast it went down. There's just something about shipwrecks (maybe because I can't swim?) that really gives me the shivers anyway.

Such a great song! Sometimes it sticks in my head. (And the phrase "Maritime Sailors' Cathedral" gets me every time. *Every* Time.)

I read "The Night the Fitz Went Down" by Hugh Bishop, which was fine... but I really wanted it to be great. Makes me think The Book about this topic hasn't yet appeared. (Makes me wish Norman Maclean were still around to write it.)

The whole song is much longer than I realized, but the few parts I know definitely stick in my head too. The line that "the lake it is said never gives up her dead" is the one that gets me.

I meant to photocopy the bibliography of this book and follow up on some Great Lakes shipwreck reading, but of course forgot. I'll just have to check it out again! Thanks for letting me know about the Bishop book. And you know I wish Norman were still around to write any number of books.

Where were the maps??? But I approve of the bibliography and index.

There was one fairly detailed map in the beginning--did you see it? I did refer to it a lot, I'll admit, and perhaps they could have used more.
I too approved of the bib. and index--meant to photocopy the bib so I could find further reading and forgot--d'oh! I'll just have to get it back and re-read it sometime!

Aha! Different versions! Did you read the version with the raging water on the cover? I believe I read the still water version.

I might be crazy, of course. But my hubby and I both flipped through it several times. Did yours have any photos of the crew or the like?

Yes, I read Stormy Cover:

The map was definitely necessary; I referred to it several times and I'm not a particularly geographical person. ON the other hand, I can't remember if mine had photos? How pathetic is that. I am truly getting old. (And I looked up a lot of pics on the Internet and YouTube right after, so can't remember what I saw where.) I kind of think not, though. If not it definitely could have used some.

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