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20 March 2013


I keep hearing good things about this book, but the plot reminds me of Forrest Gump, a movie (was it a book too? Dunno) that I really disliked. Am I way off base here? Should I just read the book (50 page rule) and found out for myself?

I've not seen Forrest Gump (I stopped seeing Tom Hanks movies shortly before that came out; can't stand his dramatic stuff), so I don't have a basis for comparison.
What to tell you about this book? It was okay, but I'd say if you have a lot of other things to read first, give it a pass for now. I think someone else commented here at some point that they found it a very spiritual book. I can't say I found it to be, really, but as I said, I did want to finish it, and that's high praise from me lately. I do think if you tried 50 pages you'd get enough of the flavor to see if it was what you wanted, and the prose is pretty smooth so it shouldn't actually take you too long to read those 50. I polished it off over the course of two nights, I think.

Days are getting longer but yes it's still @$%*^Y! cold here in the Midwest.

Have you read MAJOR PETTIGREW'S LAST STAND? I liked that one better than Harold Fry - just for another suggestion.

I read Major Pettigrew's Last Stand. I liked it. If it The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry is comparable to that, then I should check it out.

Sarah, Ruthiella,
I listened to part of MPLS on chapter-a-day, and it seemed okay--but I never read it so I couldn't speak to the comparison. Ruthiella, if you end up reading The Pilgrimage..., I'd LOVE to hear what you thought of it, especially in relation to Major Pettigrew.

Well, I guess I have to read it now! I just checked and one of my libraries has it, checked out till April 5, but that's ok.

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