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01 April 2013


Well, at least I can satisfy your curiosity on the last question: short version is that he mis-remembered and mis-quoted Chesterton.

Here's the long version:

Ha--Well, that's really interesting, Hapax, thank you! See, THAT is exactly what I wanted from this book--and didn't get.

If this book had been what you wanted it to be I would have been faster than a speeding bullet, leaping tall buildings in a single bound to get it because that's exactly what I would want in a book with this title. I've spent too much time in too many literary discussion classes trying to understand how the epigraph relates to the subject/theme of the book that I would really like to know how the author chose them.

So thanks for saving me time in not reading something I would not find satisfying.

Yes, it wasn't a bad book, but it just wasn't what I had in mind. Glad to be of help!
If you ever find the book we both seem to be looking for about epigraphs, do let me know, okay? Thanks!

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