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11 April 2013


I read Johnson's Everything Bad Is Good for You several years ago, and while I agreed with his main point (you can learn from TV, video games, etc.), the book got on my nerves. The main point was so patently obvious that he could have made a convincing case in an article. Most of the book was just making the same point over and over in slightly different ways. He didn't even offer many of the kinds of anecdotes that make Gladwell entertaining. (Even when Gladwell isn't convincing, I find him entertaining.)

I don't think I even got far enough in Everything Bad... to find out what Johnson's main point was--I've just never been able to stand his writing, for some reason. (And I am prejudiced, I'll admit, against video games, as only someone who has never really understood the appeal of video games can be.)

I TOTALLY agree with your point about his books perhaps being better as articles...that's my quibble with a lot of these types of books. The last book I had that thought about was Susan Cain's "Quiet" (about introverts). I didn't really think that needed a whole book either.

I just finished Johnson's The Invention of Air as an audiobook. I only chose it because I have trouble finding nonfiction audiobooks. But I liked it pretty well.

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