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18 April 2013


I'd ask an annoying question like, "But I thought you weren't so very keen on doctors/medical personnel?" except that:

1) I was raised in a small Midwestern town, which means I was taught that's not good manners, and

2) I'm always reading about stuff that I can't stand in real life (celebrities, tragedies, celebrity tragedies...)

That's not an annoying question at all. I really dislike most doctors, you are totally right. And in real life, I'm sure this woman would be about 150% too can-do and perky for me. But I do feel there is something to be said for midwives--who seem to make the effort to meet the woman in her own environment and perhaps even take some of her concerns and desires into account.

Also, you're right, reading about medical stuff and doctors functions kind of like True Crime for me. Don't like the characters, the stories freak me out, etc.--but yet I can't look away.

Love your disclaimer, by the way. I was raised in rural Wisconsin, so you'd think I'd have the same (good) manners as you, but I don't, sadly. I LOVE to ask annoying questions! :) And actually, I like getting them too, mostly because I find what people THINK is annoying isn't really all that annoying.

Citizen -- Great explanation, especially the "can't look away" part. That captures it.

Small town Iowan here, raised by a stoic dad and a mom who was all about doing what was "appropriate." It actually was amazing the things people would ask (and I would politely decline to answer).

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