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05 April 2013


The other day when I read your post, I was bummed because some how I had missed the Nick Horby books. I was wondering to myself if I'd been living under a rock. Wrote down all the titles in my little black book (Moleskine off course) for future trips to a book store. This afternoon I was going through a couple of piles of books on the coffee table, when lo and behold I found The Polysyllabic Spree. I feel so much better now that I know I wasn't living under a rock. I've been devouring the book all afternoon. It's wonderful! And dangerous - my list is growing longer.

Yay! Always nice to realize, hey, I did know what was going on, at least at one point...
I don't think I've read the Shakespeare one yet, but I might have and just can't remember. I may just read them all again, they're fast and they're WONDERFUL for kickstarting your interest in reading if you're in a slump.

Thank you for yet another wonderful post!

You're very kind to say so, but reviewing these Hornby's books on books is easy. They're great!

I just finished "Housekeeping vs. Dirt" on your recommendation and loved it. His bit about reading Bob Dylan's autobiography was spot on. Hornby has the wonderful ability to really get to the essence of a thing in using easy and humorous language. What's not to love about him?

SO glad you liked Housekeeping...! I agree, when talking about books in particular, he really can give you the gist without giving away the story, and still REALLY make you want to read what he is reading.

When I was having a hard time reading actual books (oh, what dreary days), I found that I was still able to read Hornby's books about books. They were like a life raft.

I discovered Hornby's review books about six months ago and just plowed through them all. What a delight! I've never read any of his other stuff. I learned as much about English "football" devotion as I did about books. (I'm now working with an Englishman and you've got to keep up on that stuff.) I will definitely read his next book of collected reviews.

How very true. I find a good "book about books" is ALWAYS good for what ails me--like the Hornby books and a little paperback titled "Read This" that I read last year. Evidently just reading about reading is comforting.

So glad you enjoyed these! And yes, Hornby's asides about his personal life (kids, wife, football) are part of what I love about him. I LOVE reading reviews that mix the personal and the literary--much more fun than regular dry old book reviews, a la the New York Times.

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