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15 May 2013


I hope blogs are not over. I only started mine in December! But, then I am always a bit behind the times.

I turn my laptop on at breakfast and my morning internet use follows a regular pattern: I look at my blog to check stats/update and then check the blogs I have on my sidebar, I flick through, or should that be click through, news websites, watch clips on youtube (lots of different things and sometimes ITV crime dramas, which like you I should not be watching again), then I check my email accounts.

I do have a twitter account, but I barely tweet and I don't find the content on twitter that interesting in comparison to traditional blogs. I do like tumblr as it is very much image based and, in general, I spend quite a lot of time on the internet looking at images: flickr, pinterest, etc.

A large portion of my internet time is still based on books: reading book blogs, and researching what I am going to read next on Amazon, my library online catalogue and the book section of major media outlets.

I still read blogs, primarily through an RSS reader. In fact, enough people still read them to cause an uproar when Google announced that it was shutting down Reader.

I still read blogs. I like that they are there when I am ready to read them. Twitter and Facebook move so fast that I miss alot. Plus blogs can have more content depth than Twitter and Facebook.

I still read blogs. But then again, I still read books, which apparently are also "over."

Oh Emily,
I know just how that goes: always a bit behind. Also somewhat glad to hear I'm not the only one who sometimes falls down the YouTube rabbit hole.
Sadly, I used to spend a lot more time reading and researching books online, but once my reading took a hit (less time), so did my reading about reading.

I was one of those people--and I'm still mad about Google pulling the plug on Reader! What are you going to use for an RSS reader now?

I like that about blogs too. But mainly I just love that I somewhat know who is talking when I'm reading someone's blog. For the life of me I don't feel like I'm getting to know anyone on Twitter--it's just cacophony.

Good for you (and me!). There's something appealing and freeing about taking part in the "over," isn't there?

If blogs are over, they're over in the same way print is over or radio is over, which is to say that there are still plenty of people interested, including me. I think to a lot of people not being the hot new thing anymore is the same as being over. I think it's more likely that blogging just hit its growth ceiling and some people have found Twitter, etc., more useful. I do still read blogs, but I don't make as much effort to seek out new ones as I used to.

Blogs aren't over till I say they're over. :)

I still listen to radio and read books! I am hopeless, evidently.
I know I keep trying to find new nonfiction ones but it seems tough--find any good ones lately?

Amen, sister!

I spend a lot more time on Facebook than Twitter and less reading blogs than I used to. But I still like them, read them and especially appreciate the well crafted, non commercial ones like this one. I first got into blogs in the early 00s reading knitting blogs and have found I have a pattern of reading them intensely, then letting them go for awhile, then going back and catching up. So they may be "over" as a primary online presence for a lot of people. But that's good, because it means the thoughtful remaining ones will be easier to find. She says optimistically.

I think you're probably in the majority--I know a lot of people get a lot of info out of Twitter (although I just can't get myself to join Facebook). I suppose all of us have less time for everything, including blog reading!

What hapax said. :)

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