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21 May 2013


I know I said this a few posts back, but I'm so glad you are enjoying reading again! It's a terrible thing when a foundation of our lives suddenly ceases to work, and it can happen for many reasons (in your case, probably simple exhaustion! I still remember those days with a toddler ... )

One clue that CRjr is ready for toilet training is when he can regularly go through the night dry. I never read any books on the subject, but when mine was not-quite-three and I was working full-time, I just took away the diapers one weekend. We washed a lot of clothes that weekend, but by Sunday night he was out of the diapers for good! Email me if you want to chat ~

Oh, I'm so glad you're reading the Orwell! And the others (the North Korea one sounds right up my alley). I'm looking forward to your review of Wigan Pier -- or your half review, if you decide you can't get through the whole thing. I loved it, mostly. There were a few lengthy parts where my eyes glazed over, but the parts that I liked I REALLY liked. Though yeah, it's not a chipper read.

Demick's North Korea book was one of my favorite reads of last year--I'm so glad I read it before I took on The Orphan Master's Son, since it serves as a nice companion perspective on the world of North Korea to the one depicted in the novel.

Glad to hear you're back on course--there's nothing worse, IMHO, than lacking a book that you can really connect with.

Thanks so much for your support (on reading and toilet training!). I do feel better all around when there's lots of books around and open, I find.

Yes, I've had to pause on the Orwell--might be too much. But it's certainly interesting, there's no doubt about that. And made me so glad I don't live in a dicey British boarding house where they also sell tripe as a sideline.

Yes, I've got to get back to the Demick. Not sure why I stopped, honestly, maybe when I polish off a couple of the others I'll be able to focus on it more exclusively.

Glad to be back on course! I notice real readers know exactly how I've been feeling without a pile of books going--just plain not right!

I'm so glad you are out of your slump. Now I'm in a slump :( Finishing the Harry Potter series for the umpteenth time, and nothing else is really floating my boat. I'm hiring a new person to do the adult fiction selection for our library and I think the thought of not selecting the new fiction has thrown me in a funk.

Oh Melanie,
I DO feel for you, as you know. Re-read what you can to get you through and don't worry--even if you're not doing the new fiction selection, there's nothing to keep you from making new fiction suggestions for purchase, is there?
In the meantime--good luck finding a great novel you can't put down.

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