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20 May 2013


There was another slave, owned by a U. S. Army doctor, who was taken to Minnesota and lived there a number of years but was found to be still a slave. His name: Dred Scott.

This sounds like a fascinating book. I'm especially a reader of all things in the Civil War era and anything that includes Lincoln.

(from the index) Scott, Dred, 29, 33, 34...You get the point. Of course, Dred Scott. I never knew enough about him before this book to realize he was in Minnesota, but of course you're right.

If you read this do let me know what you think. I appreciated the further insight on Lincoln particularly--I just couldn't get over the time and care he took to try and understand the trials of the Dakota warriors, when, you know, he had the Civil War to contend with--and at a time when most people were not knocking themselves out to try and deal fairly with Native Americans.


Thanks for taking the time to write this review! I'm glad you enjoyed Northern Slave, Black Dakota. It was a privilege to publish Joseph Godfrey's story. Your fine index shines even more in the new e-book version, where each index entry is hyperlinked to the corresponding location in the text :).

Anyone interested in learning more about Abraham Lincoln's role in the story, and more about the U.S. Dakota War of 1862, will have a hard time putting down Scott W. Berg's new book, 38 Nooses: Lincoln, Little Crow and the Beginning of the Frontier's End (Pantheon, 2012). It's based in great scholarship and is compulsively readable.

For more on Dred and Harriet Scott, including recommended reading, check out www.thedredscottfoundation.org

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