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07 May 2013


I am a big fan of Christie. Well, at least those mysteries that I have read. Did you know she also wrote romance under the name Westmacott? I haven't read them...but I pretty much hate romance as a genre. It has to really break the mold for me to read a romance novel.

I really love the Poirot stories that take place in the Levant and North Africa, they are exotic (although, London is exotic to me too) and I appreciate the fact that Christie went to all of these places in real life.


I too love Christie. I re-read her mysteries periodically, and have enjoyed all the PBS shows based on her books. Even saw "The Mouse Trap" in London--pretty exciting! I have read one of her Westmacott books and can't remember much about it, other than I think it was "okay." Wasn't overly sappy or romantic, I don't think, but then, I don't think Christie really was, either (her at-times complex personal life notwithstanding).

Yes, she really loved to travel, I think, and to relive the experiences in writing her fiction. Definitely gives those books a little extra "zip."

Love the title of your post. But, I would as I am a huge Agatha Christie fan!

I read a biography a couple of years ago and I was really interested to hear about her second husband Max Mallowan and how she helped him with his archaeological digs. Before reading the book I had no idea that she had led such a fascinating and well-travelled life.

I have just moved to a city in Devon not too far from Greenway, the house that Agatha and Max bought together in 1938. I hope to get a chance to visit this summer.

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