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04 June 2013



Well, you're right, you won't come out of this one with any particular liking for politicians or Baby Boomers in general. GRRRR indeed.

Regarding your footnote, I would love (almost) nothing more than to be a freelancer. In my line of work (editing) and my level of experience, I could probably pull in more money than I do on a salary. But my company has insanely good insurance, and as a single lady, I'm not about to give that up, never mind the steady paycheck every two weeks. Entrepreneurship is all well and good, but there's something to be said for security, if you can find a way to get it. Alas, that's getting harder and harder to find.

Amen to your sentiment. There's no doubt freelancing has some things going for it (the ability to be flexible and work a bit while also watching CRjr full-time among them, for me), but it is becoming increasingly scary to have to pay for your own insurance--and to depend on a steady stream of clients whose own bottom lines are changing more constantly and faster than they ever did before. I have always had a healthy respect for the security of health insurance, as my parents were farmers and we always had to pay for our own, with huge deductibles, which meant we just didn't go to the doctor unless death was imminent. That's a scary thing to deal with from little on.

I've always said the people really being discriminated against in today's workforce are single people--as couples often get some sort of extra benefit in the form of insurance coverage, even if they have to pay slightly higher or family premiums. So I salute you.

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