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06 June 2013


I read 'Nothing to Envy' last year and found it really eye-opening. I couldn't believe the starvation and what people had to do for food. Then there was the part about the women who had to stay late on Fridays to reveal any mistakes she had made during the week. If she hadn't made any she would say she didn't work hard enough. I'll take our Friday happy hour any day.

'Wild' is in at the library now, but I'm in the middle of Leslie Chang's 'Factory Girls.' So I'll see. This is the second time it has come in while I was in the middle of another book. I hated 'Eat Pray Love' with a passion.

If I did a 'best of' list of the books I've read in the past few years (a big if), this would be at the very top of it. The stories are fascinating just on their own, but the fact, as you mentioned, that North Korea is again sabre-rattling makes it even more intriguing. I try and recommend it as often as possible, almost to the point of being obnoxious.

Yes, I think "eye-opening" is a fair descriptor. I too could not get over the terrible conditions and lack of food (and how long it went on--is still going on?). I really enjoyed "Factory Girls," too, by the way--how are you finding it?
If you read Wild pop back in on any recent post and let me know how you like it! I didn't mind "Eat Pray Love" myself but I find Elizabeth Gilbert kind of charming. Perhaps because I read her investigative book "The Last American Man" first, and was amused that I couldn't decide if she loved or hated the guy.

I'm going to join you in recommending this one, although I'm sure it's one that people just have to be in the right mood for. Does anyone report back and tell you they loved or hated it?

You've convinced me; my next personal Book Menage will be this and then the Orphan Master's Son.

Ooh, good for you, Care. If you think of it pop back in on this post or any new one and let me know what you think of this book. (And Orphan Master's Son, while you're at it!)

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