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03 June 2013


Oddly enough, during the one hour of childbirth education class that I managed to attend (after fleeing because it was so awful), pretty much ALL they talked about was nutrition. Of course, I felt by then, since we were all due within two months, it was a bit late in the game. Oy.

Yeah...childbirth classes. And yeah...childbirth books. I'm looking for an approach between hippie "birth your own child at home, gnaw through the cord yourself, and you'll be so happy!" and the medicalized "lay down on this nice table and we'll stick a few IVs in you, before we c-section you because you're taking too long." I'm not finding much.

Still, kind of glad to hear they were talking about nutrition somewhere, although perhaps the "childbirth is imminent" class is not the place to do it. :)

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